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Nov 9, 2012 11:00pm PST
to us. >> in san ramon, phillipe djegal, kron 4 news. >> city officials in oakland are looking to put the brakes take over the embattled oakland police department the city has filed legal papers calling such a move inappropriate. >> they believe the city is moving too slow in implementing court-ordered forms for taking action against officer misconduct. city officer barbara parker has filed legal papers filed with the court saying it would be inappropriate and counter productive to bring in and outside to run the entire department. >> what we're doing now is ready to step up and make sure that we are going to complete and the steps. >> to that and the city once to crate you to positions within the department a compliance director and an assistant chief of constitutional policing. >> one person to be highly regarded as a compliance director of the also with the arm of the court that could work with us in real time that we will move forward unless they have full of 40 to have full authority it is not acceptable. both sides will make their arguments before a federal judge. and if they wi
Nov 12, 2012 11:00pm PST
city boy has been reunited with his father at the daly city police department after he went missing on friday. . >> tears were streemg down hanzu wren's face as he explained why he didn't return home on sunday and never called his father to let him know he was okay. the 11-year-old says he was spriedz when he saw police officers at his friend's house looking for him. >> i'm sorry about this. i feel sad about my dad not finding me. i forgot to tell him. i just don't like want to know. >> daly city investigators say they worked around the clock to find wren since his father reported him missing on sunday at 9:00 p.m., two days after he was last seen at his school policy to middle school. sergeant michael barton says wren didn't have a cell phone, and the boy told his dad he was going to spend the night at a friend's house over the weekend but ended up going to a different friend's home without telling his father. >> our detectives have been work on stop work lead after lead after lead and what they found was another child that was a friend of his that lived in the same area and they w
Nov 14, 2012 11:00pm PST
in vallejo >> it's a burden on the services the city has, it's a burden on the people who are already afraid to go out of their houses. >> reporter: resident sam objects to the county's plan to create a central hub for felons. the center will serve up to 75 exconvicts who lived in vallejo prior to serving their sentences. the probation department would oversee the center where felons will receive job search training, therapy, and educational services. >> we have to break the sickle. we can't -- psyche cycle. we can't keep locking them up. >> reporter: the program will lower vallejo's recidivism rate, currently at about 35%. supervisor barbara agrees >> they're no longer going to be out and about. >> reporter: other residents also support the plan which would be funded by the state >> my sister was a felon. they need job training and education. >> reporter: the board of supervisors will next discuss and possibly vote on the propose the project at its december 4th meeting. if approved, county officials say the day reporting center could open as early as february. >>> thee popular san francisc
Nov 13, 2012 11:00pm PST
. they were found discarded not far from the bus stop. >>> residents in one daily city neighborhood trying to clean up tonight after a water main break triggers a massive mud slide. an 8-inch cast iron pipe ruptured sending 45,000-gallons of water down hill. streets were left covered in a layer of mud several inches thick. these pictures from abc 7 news show just how large an area was affected. you can see a wider shot here. nobody was hurt, but some cars were buried in mud up to their windows. first tonight let's check in with reggie. >> reporter: finishing clearing the streets here six hours ago. take a look at the work they did. the streets i'm standing on now. all this mud basically gone. you can see there's just a little bit here left. take a look at this video of how it looked earlier today. mud several inches thick covered the street and trapped vehicles. all the debris has been wiped and washed away. city officials are focusing on preventing this from happening again. i'm told heavy equipment will -- [ audio issue ] >>> the hardest quantities on the slopes. you know, looked like we
Nov 11, 2012 11:00pm PST
sports including how the raiders did today a little later on in our show. >>> a neighbor in redwood city helped prevent a burglary today after seeing three teenagers jump a fence into a house. that happened on park avenue. police responded to the neighbor's call and surrounded the house. they heard noises from inside the house and saw two screens had been torn off the windows. police arrested the suspects. they say the teens had stolen jewelry on them. one suspect was booked in the san mateo jail while the other two were handed over to youth services. >>> grocery store workers are back on the picket line tonight even after the grocery store chain resumed negotiations with the employee's union. they're trying to reach a deal, mainly on healthcare and retiree benefits. customers are being asked to shop elsewhere until an agreement has been reached. >> that's just one of several issues being negotiated by the united food and commercial workers union known as local 5 and raley's knob hill stores. until an agreement is reached, store employees like claude yeah, a single mother of two kids say
Nov 8, 2012 11:00pm PST
to become the first u.s. city to provide and cover the cost for sex-realignment surgery for insured transgender residents. it would create a program to treat transgender people who are experiencing gender identity issues. officials say the new transgender health initiative will be in effect later next year. >>> new tonight at 11:00, firefighters control a major house fire in san francisco's monterey heights neighborhood. the call came in about 6:30 this evening. they found a home engulfed in flames. hoses had to be relayed from hydrants as far as 3 blocks away! the cause will take some time to determine. but a lot of construction materials were near the home when the crews arrived. there were no injuries reported. >>> at 11:00, seven members of the secretive navy seal team 6 including one involved in the mission to kill osama bin laden have been punished for disclosing classified information. according to an unnamed official, the seven are being reprimanded for providing information to bay area video game maker, electronic arts. this reportedly happened while they were working as p
Nov 7, 2012 11:00pm PST
tonight to demand that city officials hire more police. >> reporter: subpoena members here are living in constant fear after they say some in their community were attacked after several home invasions. the residents here want the police department to build a substation in the oakland hills and they say they are willing to pay more property taxes to hire more cops. this man and woman were too scared to show their faces on camera. they say a woman was assaulted in her home and paramedics had to wait for police to arrive before they could help her. >> she was bleeding in her garage, not having help because there were not enough police officer to arrive and allow paramedics to help this woman. she's traumatized and suffering. >> in order 92 curve the spike in home invasions, more cops have to be added. she's talking to the alameda sheriff's office to see if they can help. >> get more officers on our step and we are taken -- we are taking the steps to do that. >> reporter: she says they are looking to add on 120 officer once they graduate 80 dr. the academy, but they won't be street ready
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7